Buyer BEWARE: Sold Without Label, GMO Salmon Coming To A Grocery Store Seafood Dept Near You

Genetically ModifiedGenetically Modified Salmon Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the sale of genetically modified salmon that grow twice as fast as natural salmon. Will the label tell you when buying fish in the store? No. Salmon suppliers are not mandated to label the salmon as genetically modified (GM), unless they really want to.

The five-year decision process is over, and our society is now being fed the first genetically modified animal. More and more stores are slowing becoming filled with genetically modified products. Are you in favor? This decision by the FDA has upset certain consumer groups, especially those who want companies to be forced to label all genetically modified (GM) foods. Also, many environmental groups are concerned that the modified fish will breed with wild fish.

According to this FDA approval, genetically modified salmon cannot be grown in the U.S. The company, AquBounty, which produces AquAdvantage Salmon is allowed to raise these GM salmon in land-based hatchery tanks in two specific facilities located in Canada and Panama. The FDA guidelines also mandates fisheries to take all care in ensuring that modified salmon don’t escape into the wild.

Experts say there is no reason people should be scared of eating gene-engineered food. Do you agree? Is it too early to fully understand the repercussions of genetically modified animals? Do you want more gene-modified animals on this planet?

In addition to the GMO corn, soybeans, potatoes, etc. many try to avoid on a daily basis, AquAdvantage Salmon is the first genetically modified animal to avoid, or not avoid when buying groceries.

Watch the news report below from The National, Canada’s CBC Television program. See here:

Reader – Will you be eating genetically modified salmon?

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