Silent Stress: We Cannot Feel It Until Symptoms Occur

Meet Jo Green…listen to her story…


For 15 years Jo Green had cancer, but she didn’t know.

Working in the fitness industry, Green reflected health by spending most of her time at the gym taking classes or teaching classes, and she rarely got a cold, let alone flu or a virus.

Green kept going back and forth to doctors for what she was told was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), with symptoms that would come and go, including pain, diarrhea, tiredness and bloating.

Eventually, the 37-year-old was diagnosed with multiple neuroendocrine tumors, known as NETs, a rare, incurable slow-growing form of cancer that affects the release of hormones into the bloodstream.

“Being told I had cancer was a total shock to me,” she says. “For as long as I can remember I’ve had IBS. Looking back, I never felt like any particular ‘diet’ solved my problems…” “You never think you will hear the words ‘you have cancer,’” she further expressed.

Wait, You Can’t From The Daily Invisible Onslaught of Cellular Stress.

We can’t spend our days hiding from cellular stress-causing free radicals that are linked to cancer, nevertheless, we can spend more efforts on proactively nourishing the body so our super-antioxidant enzymes can fully fight on our behalf. Our bodies are continually adapting to the silent ‘free-radical war’ inside our bodies, and most health issues are not diagnosed until there is a symptom that triggers concern.

This makes me realize: We don’t feel diseases forming on the cellular level…we only feel symptoms once a disease is already in action.

Don’t wait until you have a health-related symptom – be proactive!


Reader — Do you feel like more proactive measures can be made to help prevent cancer? Do you want proactive care or reactive care?

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(H/T) “I didn’t know I had cancer for 15 years” (From Daily Echo)

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