Weight Loss: Experts Now Say Fat Could Be Better Than Carbs

DietsHealth experts and government agencies have been warning the public for decades about the dangers of a high-fat diet. They claim that high-fat diets contain more calories and a diet high in saturated fats increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In response to this “fats are bad” warning, people have embraced the low-fat diets and companies have made countless “fat-free” foods for the past 40 years. Has this non-fat method been effective in reducing the obesity rate?  No…obesity is the worst it has ever been, for both children and adults.

New Health Outlook From Experts

Experts have now come full circle, saying that a high-fat diet is somewhat better for overall health, according to this latest research. Data published in the Journal Diabetologia indicates that diets that have high-fat content and few carbohydrates lower blood sugars and blood lipids much more than a low-fat diet. Despite the high intake of saturated fats, the study showed that the levels of LDL did not get worse. In fact, the level of good cholesterol improved. Another study showed that a carefully scheduled high-fat diet led to a reduction in body weight.

All Calories Are NOT Created Equal

The old ideology that all calories are equal is out-dated. It is now believed that calories from different food sources have different effects on the body, with calories from carbohydrates are the most likely to lead to weight gain. Furthermore, there is now evidence that lowering dietary fat may not decrease the risk of heart disease after all. The study shows how foods that have a low glycemic index or are very low in carbohydrates, may be preferable versus a low-fat diet for those trying to lose weight. Good news, it appears that people are more likely to be compliant with a low glycemic diet compared to a low-fat diet on a regular basis. This is because low glycemic foods are not as restrictive as the low fat diets.

Some governments, like in Sweden, are now making a turn in their dietary guidelines and now recommend high-fat diets with low carbs for weight loss.

Insulin Connection to Weight Loss

Glycemic Index Food Table
All these low and high carb diets are tied to our hormones. Researchers believe that the hormone insulin plays a vital role in weight loss since insulin is required for fat storage. Thus, if an individual eats a high carb diet, more insulin is produced, and more fat is stored in the body. On the other hand, if one consumes a low carb diet, less insulin is released, and less fat is stored. Based on this theory, many anecdotal reports exist about people who have lost weight with low carb diets despite eating high fatty diets.

What to do now?

Obesity is a complex disorder and we still do not fully understand its root biochemical cause(s). While this high fat diet theory sounds promising, only time will tell. If the theory was that simple, than people who lack insulin should be thin, right? No. There are millions of type 2 diabetics, and the majority are obese, so it is clear that insulin alone is not the answer. While researchers work out the mystery to obesity, people who want to lose weight should walk/exercise more, reduce your portion sizes when eating, and buy healthy, fresh foods that are not packaged or highly processed. If you remain dedicated and motivated, this is one formula that does work for weight loss.

Reader – Do you want to lose weight? What is your plan after reading this article?

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