Top Misleading Food Marketing Tactics: “All Natural” Yeah Right!

In today’s society, there’s a good chance you’ve been enticed and convinced by attractive advertising while thinking to yourself “oh…I need that!” or, as your mouth is watering you say, “that looks so good!”

Think again. Misleading statements on commercials and deceiving claims printed on our packaging are designed to drive sells. One of the most common industries you see misleading marketing tactics is in our food industry. Becoming aware of these misconceptions is beneficial for making the right purchasing decisions when shopping for you and your family.

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Looks can be deceiving. A prime example is with our fast food chains. The pictures on the menu and the imagery in our minds from commercials do not reflect the food you are served in reality. Fast food hamburgers are not nearly as appealing as in the commercials, with their size being smaller and ingredients not as fresh.

“Our food is all natural” 

Look at Taco Bell for instance, who claimed their seasoned beef was 100% beef, then we later found out oats were being used as an additive.

Health benefit claims are mostly unsubstantiated. Cereals like Koshi, Frosted Mini Wheats, and Rice Crispies claim they boost immunity or improve attentiveness, but these claims are false. Nor are the ingredients totally natural, leaving Kellogs in trouble.

Glacau vitaminwater YDnHSLClass Action Lawsuits

These false claims lead to class action lawsuits. Vitamin Water for example, deceptively promotes the product as healthy by claiming that the drink can “reduce risk for eye disease or promote healthy joints” among other benefits.

Critically Grocery Shop

Always think critically about advertising claims and examine the nutritional facts on the label. Foods we give to our kids are not always as healthy as we intended, like fruit flavor snacks and V8 Splash. Be aware and teach your kids how to make the best decisions when choosing the types of foods to put in their bodies.

Reader – What do you think is the most leading marketing tactic of all time?

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