Remove Rust with a Coke and a Smile

Who knew Coca-Cola had so many uses? … This may shock you!

After seeing this video, the only time you may buy a Coke is when you need to do some heavy duty cleaning.

Rust Removal Coke

Is your car bumper rusting? Look no further…Buy a Coke, but I would NOT recommend drinking it. Oh, and it works great for cleaning your toilet too… Feel free to also use it when your pots and pans are rusty/dirty.

Imagine what this same process is doing to the inside of your body. The long-term effects are damaging and can certainly cause health issues. And we give this to our kids who have no idea the harm it’s doing to their health!

Cleaning looks to be the most beneficial purpose of Coca-Cola…Will you still drink Coke?

Please do your part in educating others. 

Watch the video below and see how easy this weathered bumper becomes ‘new’ again.

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