A Long Lifespan Without Healthspan Is Useless

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A clear call to action, changing the conversation on how we view aging.

The Healthspan Imperative brings awareness to the immediate challenge facing the American population:  the overwhelming number of citizens living longer, AKA the “Silver Tsunami.” This longevity revolution is expected to bring a flood of chronic disease and age-related disabilities.  A flood which could overwhelm the health care systems of many nations.

The past 150 years we have seen advancements in science and technology contributing to increasing lifespan. Yes, living longer is a good thing, but we must now advance science and technology to improve healthspan. Not to make us older for a longer time, but so we can have a healthier and vigorous life as the clock continues to tick.

Lifespan is how long a person lives while healthspan is how long a person has optimal health.  

We’re talking about a fundamental game changer in the world of public health that will change the way in which we live our lives, and that’s the way I see a successful intervention to slow the biological process of aging.”-S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D.

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Reader — What do YOU think about healthspan advancements?  What will you do to prevent chronic diseases and age-related issues?

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(H/T) The Healthspan Imperative is a short film about our nation’s next great priority: solving the challenges brought on by the aging of the American population. Via The Healthspan Imperative

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