Will I Ever Lose This Weight? Stored Body Fat May Be Fighting Against Your Weight Loss Attempts

What's Fitting Against You Losing Weight-Have you ever wondered why a particular weight loss regime worked so wonderfully for your friend or colleague or your neighbor, but didn’t for you? Scientists have found a reason that may explain why losing weight might have been a nightmare for you.

What’s Fighting Against Me and My Fat?

New research from the University of Cambridge finds that your body fights against your attempts to lose weight. How? According to the research, the more weight you have, the more your body produces a protein called sLR11. This little protein actively inhibits your ability to burn fat.

Researchers conducting the study looked for safe ways to trick the body to increase metabolism and burn more calories for weight loss. The study focused on the body’s natural fat burning process called thermogenesis. It is a process that the body uses to maintain its normal body temperature and works somewhat similar to how a furnace works to keep the house warm in the winter.

Many companies that produce weight loss products have devised things like cooling jackets, or ice pack vests, which trick the body into increasing its metabolism and burn more fat to keep the body warm.

Unfortunately, the human body has developed biomechanics that help it store energy in the fat cell. Your body does this to ensure it can depend on its energy reserves to keep the body alive as long as possible when you go through starvation.

DietThe new research seems to have found how the sLR11 protein actively inhibits fat cells from undergoing thermogenesis. sLR11 functions as a key that fits into a lock that prevents fat cells from expanding their energy stores.

According to the professor Antoni Vidal-Puig, who led the team at the University of Cambridge, said his team has found a protein that prevents the body’s capacity to make heat. If you can’t burn energy to make heat, you won’t lose weight.

The study also examined the levels of sLR11 in humans and observed that the levels of protein circulating in the blood were directly co-related to the total fat in the body. When an obese patient goes through weight loss surgery, the levels of sLR11 in the blood also drop in the proportion to the reduction of fat in the body, suggesting that it is fat cells that produce sLR11. This means the more fat you carry, the more sLR11 protein you have, thus making you much less likely to lose your weight.

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