Control Your Destiny: Will Your Health Last Through Retirement Years?

e4df916809d64b6ca373f983a3e8f18a_hHTqIMAn Increased Lifespan Does Not Guarantee An Increased Healthspan

Most of us desire a comfortable retirement, but will our health sustain us to fulfill our retirement dreams? What if your body inhibited you from living your stress-free fantasy of traveling and enjoying hobbies?

Earning money to afford ‘life’ is inevitable for most, but we cannot lose the importance of taking care of our bodies while we work 40+ hours each week for 40+ years. Scientists are showing how knowledge on genetic history and wise health decisions could be the way to control your health destiny.

As we know, today’s society is living longer but does this mean a longer healthspan as well?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual “Health, United States” report, nearly half of people ages 55 to 64 are taking a prescription heart drug, while 1 in 5 Americans are dealing with diabetes.

Healthspans will not likely improve if the solution to improving one’s health is centered exclusively on creating and administering more and more toxic-care pharmaceuticals. It is more likely that our healthspan will improve when diseases like hypertension and diabetes are actively prevented before the symptoms of a disease manifest.

Have you heard of Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine attempts to achieve disease prevention by recognizing warning signs to maintain balanced health over a lifetime.  A precision medicine approach to health care analyzes a patient’s genetic coding and “treats” it with a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables that have been shown to turn off the expression of that gene. Positively affecting one’s gene expression in a positive way e.g. in the opposing direction of a disease state naturally, is a way of transforming one’s health trajectory so that an individual can own their “health destiny.” Just because someone has a family history of diabetics does not mean that you have to become a diabetic as well.

Regulating Gene Expression Through PhytoNutrients

One example included in a study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, reveals how certain foods can ‘communicate’ with cells by regulating gene expression. Natural phytonutrients such as turmeric have over 600 health benefits, and scientists have found turmeric manages the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously.

The old saying “you are what you eat” rings true and can now be connected to this groundbreaking molecular biology.

The cost of precision medicine is the biggest challenge, however according to a White House news release, $215 million will be invested in the Precision Medicine Initiative in 2016. This initiative will fund research for disease prevention and treatments centered on people’s genetic makeup, their environment and lifestyle.

Proactive Care

Proactive care like precision medicine is the way of the future and living a balanced life of healthy choices will benefit your retirement years on the horizon. Today’s young generation is seeing the importance of preventative wellness while the Baby Boomers are feeling the repercussions of abusing their bodies.  The time to act is now – you won’t regret it when you’re finally retiring.

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