Medication Overload: Chemical Straitjackets – Can They Be Stopped?

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The belief that pharmaceutical companies are in the business of health and healing is FALSE.

In fact, they are really in the business of “disease maintenance and symptoms management.” If pharmaceuticals were helping patients heal their body, they would be in the business of “putting themselves out of business” and that wouldn’t make good business sense… Instead, they insist on pharmaceutical-grade harsh-care medication as the answer. These toxins ingested daily are drastically harming our cells, therefore causing additional side effects.

Pharmaceutical Path of Destruction

It is unfortunate to see patients develop an additional disease after taking prescription drugs. For example, cholesterol-lowering drugs may lower one’s cholesterol to the point where other health-related issues could manifest. Have you ever questioned or talked to your doctor about this? Doesn’t Mother Nature create cholesterol for a reason?

Could cholesterol-lowering drugs lead to Parkinson’s disease?

Dr. Kailash Chand, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, shares research that found those who take cholesterol-lowering drugs are more than twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s disease later life than those who do not.

Other studies have shown a link between those who take cholesterol-lowering drugs and potentially disabling long-term side effects including cataracts, diabetes (increased risk of 46%), muscle pains, fatigue, and memory loss.

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Speaking in a personal capacity, Dr. Chand added:

“The risks of side-effects of these drugs are far greater than any potential benefits and it is high time these drugs were restricted in the low-risk population and only given to people with existing heart disease.”

Medicated Money Madness

What is the motivation behind these “maintenance drugs” on the market? Of course, the Pharma companies will make more money by keeping patients on their medications, therefore locking them in as a lifetime customer. And due to the long list of potential side effects, the patient will purchase ANOTHER drug to manage their new side effect(s). This toxic pharmaceutic path can spiral downward causing life-changing devastation for the patient and their family/friends. True to form, the pharmaceuticals use humans as their “cash cows.” For instance, just a few days ago Sprout Pharmaceuticals introduced a brain-altering drug, their version of the little blue pill aka “women’s Viagra” to seduce women into having more sex. Is this a giant leap for advocates of women’s health or are we just a guinea pig for some company’s sick ploy?

Are drugs always the answer?

Drugs are not the solution to good health. We must STOP blithely trusting drug companies and on our own start researching ourselves what constitutes good health. Why won’t the pharmaceutical companies stand accountable for their actions and their defective products prescribed daily to our citizens? Make yourself aware, so you are not diagnosed pretentiously. Don’t let you or any of your loved ones become trapped in a “chemical straitjacket.” Become educated about alternate options, live proactively with your diet/exercise and foster a complete wellness-focused lifestyle.

“We’re never going to hear any ads on television that are sponsored by anybody saying…the New England Journal just announced that exercise is twice as effective as antidepressants in curing depression…Ask your doctor if getting your butt off the couch is right for you!”

Learn how Gwen Olsen despises the pharmaceutical world, after many years as a sales rep for the industry.

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