NRF2 Science: Have You Heard Of It?

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Oxidative Stress: Were You Aware You Are Rusting Inside Your Cells?

Whether you feel it or aware it or not, our body fights off oxidative stress and abnormal cells every day. When we don’t have optimal health, the number of damaging free radicals outweighs the number of ‘survival’ enzymes in our body to a greater extent than normal. One of the best ways to reduce cellular stress is to activate your body’s natural antioxidant defense mechanism and detoxifying enzymes to do the work they were programmed by the DNA to do.

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NRF2 Science Studies Now Reveal…

Scientists have recently discovered a protein pathway referred to as the Nrf2 pathway. The NRF2 pathway exists within each living cell, and it acts like a thermostat for our cells. The NrF2 pathway, when activated, triggers your body’s survival genes to produce antioxidant and detoxifying enzymes helpful for reducing cellular oxidative stress.

As we age, the Nrf2 pathway can become ‘lazy’ offering less and less protection against toxic free radicals, thus causing a strain on our cells and accelerating the aging process. However, Nrf2 antioxidant enzymes can be activated when certain phytonutrients are introduced into our diet in the proper combination.

If your doctor prescribes a clean diet rich in antioxidant foods and you have always wondered why, then Nrf2 activation is the scientific answer.


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