Study Finds Art & Music Can Increase Life Expectancy

Music and NatureNew Study Finds Art & Music May Increase Your Life Expectancy

How often do you listen to music or enjoy art? Most of us wish we had more time to enjoy the creative things in life, and after reading this you may find yourself carving out more time to devote to music, art, and nature.

Furthering previous research, scientists are declaring the act of immersing yourself in arts and music within nature could be a pivotal role in reducing inflammation and increasing life expectancy.

Therapeutic Music History

The arts have been used for centuries as a therapeutic approach to enhance health. For example, Hippocrates played music for his mental patients while Aristotle believed music is a force that helps purify emotions. In the 13th century, Arab hospitals had a music room to help their patients improve their health. In addition, numerous universities have developed programs to train their music students how to use music for healing purposes with chronically ill patients.

NatureRecent Studies Continue To Show Health Benefits

True to form, a recent study from Netherlands examined 12,159 male acoustic, visual and literary artists and reflected that writers and musicians born between 1700 and 1899 had a life expectancy comparable to that of their society’s most elite strata. Despite the poor middle-class living conditions, musicians and writers lived a longer life on average.

According to new research from UC Berkeley, researchers have linked positive emotions with the significant improvement in the body’s defense system. The findings demonstrate that positive emotions are associated with the markers of good health. It is already an established fact that a healthy diet and lots of sleep combined with exercise bolster the body’s defenses against physical and mental illnesses. This study is unique as it critically looks at the role of “positive Emotions” in increasing life expectancy.

“…immersing yourself in art or nature is good for the joints, and it could possibly preempt various diseases triggered by inflammation” and can “signal the immune system to work harder,” says the professor of psychology at UC Berkely, Dacher Keltner.

Furthermore, a peer-reviewed article published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found favorable effects of engaging in arts on health, thus reducing medication use, decreasing doctor visits and improving strategies to cope with chronic diseases. The study highlighted that this may be because arts and music play a critical role in reducing stress, anxiety, blood pressure and improving the immune response.

Love Art, Live Longer!Art

These positive effects of art on health affect the aging process. This may be obvious, but when the body’s stress, anxiety, and blood pressure are lowered, the risk of developing an age-related disease, like cardiovascular disease, is reduced.

With these findings, it is wise to make sure you experience these emotions by walking or taking a hike in nature, immersing yourself in music, and appreciating or creating art. Integrating art and nature into your life could aid in living a longer, healthier life.

Reader – How do you integrate art, music, and nature into your lifestyle?

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(H/T) New Study: Immersing Yourself in Art, Music & Nature Might Reduce Inflammation & Increase Life Expectancy