Alternate Treatment for Hepatitis C: Natural Supplements?

Hepatitis CHepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) claim baby boomers who may have experimented with injecting drugs and blood transfusions after the 1990s must be tested for Hepatitis C. This has come to be speculated by several health professionals and virologists.

Early Theories and Advancements

Earlier, during the inception of Germ theory (one germ for one disease), scientists in opposition stated that a patient’s “inner terrain” played a large role in attracting the germs that are the source of the disease. Royal Raymond Rive in the 1930s put forward the discovery that the form and function of viruses change over various stages. This asserted the fact that viruses change in accordance with the state of the diseased tissue. But big pharmaceutical companies promote the “one germ for one disease” theory as opposed to considering the “inner terrain”.

It is said that about 15,000 Americans die of Hepatitis C-related diseases every year. Currently, there are no vaccines for Hepatitis C. The latest drugs for the disease are very expensive and are known to trigger negative side effects.

Hepatitis CTowards an Alternative Treatment

It is said that Hepatitis C’s symptoms can be minimized with the help of a healthy diet along with dietary supplements, routine exercises and simple changes toward a healthier lifestyle. Nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Burton Berkson from Integrative Medical Centre, New Mexico carried out successful trials and presented a few supplements including:

  • Alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that detoxifies and enhances levels of glutathione in the body.
  • Silymarin, derived from the milk thistle plant, is known for regenerating liver cells, increasing levels of glutathione and soothing inflammations.
  • Selenium, a trace mineral that is known to slow down the further replication of the hepatitis C virus.

The prescribed dosage of these supplements ranges from 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid to 900 mg of silymarin and 400 mcg of selenium. These supplements combined with vitamins B, C, and E are suggested for a cost effective treatment that doesn’t involve heavy pharmaceutical drugs. The cost comes to about $2,000 a year, which is a lot lesser than let’s say, the $60,000 to $90,000 spent on conventional medicines for Hepatitis C.

Those diagnosed with Hepatitis C can also look into alternative treatments that focus on liver detox and take precautions like refraining from alcohol, smoking, junk food, and drugs that lead to liver-damaging side effects.

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