Phenomenal: 108 Year Old Throws The First Pitch At Seattle Mariners Game

108This story is truly heart warming. A Washington lady 108-years-young is the oldest person ever to throw a pitch at an MLB ball game.

Evelyn Jones, a die-hard Mariners baseball fan had her great-great grandchildren in attendance to witness this astonishing accomplishment. She says the secret to her good health was walking 3 miles every day up until the age of 96 years of age, “except on Sundays, as not to miss football…” added Evelyn.

What are you doing not only to improve your lifespan but your healthspan? How do you plan on living out your last 10 years?

Watch this inspiring great-grandma pitch at the Mariner’s game:

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(H/T) Fox News WATCH: 108-Year-Old Woman Throws First Pitch at Mariners Game

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