10 “Healthy” Foods That Actually Trigger Sugar Cravings

SUGAR ADDICTIONAddicting Cravings: The Secrets of Hidden Sugars Revealed

You are probably reading this because you have a sweet tooth and regularly experience sugar cravings. This is the right article for you if you often find yourself trying to decide between a candy bar or donut to curb your sugar craving. Similar to any addiction, as long as sugar is in your system, the cravings prevail.

In today’s highly processed world, it’s easy to become mislead. Sometimes when people choose a “healthier” option, they are not fully aware of the hidden sugars food providers secretly add to foods. This unknowingly sabotages the uneducated person into thinking they are making a healthy choice without sugar.

What if you knew the “supposedly healthy” foods that trigger your body to crave sugar? Would you take it upon yourself to avoid these foods?

Sugary Sin

Before we discuss the foods secretly containing sugar, let’s talk about some of the damaging effects of sugar. It’s unfortunate that this sugary sin can taste so good, but be so bad for you.  This is why you must educate yourself of the long-term effects of sugar.

Sugar Addiction8 Reasons Why Added Sugar is Extremely Harmful:

  1. Sugar is bad for your teeth, and being healthy starts with a clean mouth.
  2. Fructose found in the Western diet can create a fatty liver, causing further health issues, like non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease.  (note: it is impossible to overload fructose by eating fruit…those are good sugars)
  3. Sugar can cause insulin resistance, which is a stepping stone to developing diabetes.
  4. Sugar can cause cancer from constantly elevated insulin levels.
  5. Sugar drives inflammation, which is another cause of cancer.
  6. Sugar makes you gain weight and is the leading cause of obesity.
  7. Sugar is addictive.
  8. Sugar causes inflammation, which also increases the risk for heart disease.

10 “Healthy” Foods You Never Knew Contained Added Sugar

Fruit Juice – Watch for and avoid high fructose corn syrup!  Many products are basically sugar water.

Yogurt – Pasteurized and flavored yogurts do not have the same health benefits as natural yogurt. Pasteurization kills all the good bacteria, therefore it’s essentially no longer a probiotic, and the flavoring includes a significant amount of added sugar. For example, this pasteurized Yoplait yogurt contains 26 grams of sugar.


Bread – Avoid refined flours, which acts just like sugar when it enters your body. So if you are eating enriched white bread thinking you are avoiding sugar, you are only prolonging your sugar cravings.

Packaged Organic Foods – The term organic is often mis-leading. The truth is packaged and processed food (even if it’s organic) contains a good amount of sugar.

Alternative Milk – Nondairy milk, like almond and coconut, are good options if you are trying to cut down on dairy consumption. Make sure to select the “unsweetened” option if you want to avoid sugar consumption.

Ready-To-Drink Smoothies – Pre-made smoothies are a great way to add fruits and vegetable in your diet, but pre-bottled versions may come loaded with sugar.

Protein Bars – Although the convenience is there, be careful of the amount of sugar.  It could be the same as eating a candy bar.

Nut Butters – Nut butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, but did you know they contain sugar as their main ingredient?

Protein Powders – True protein powder is helpful when you are training or working out heavily, but make sure to look at the label to spot added sugars.

Natural Sweeteners – While they may be more nutritious, they still act just like your table sugar in the body.

Sugar addiction can be very difficult to overcome, but when you educate yourself and observe food labels to spot added sugar, you will more on your way to overcoming your sugar addiction.


Reader – Which food on the list surprised you most?

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