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    WATCH NOW: The Truth About Cancer’s Global Quest Series Just Released

    The Truth About Cancer just released their 9-day series that raises awareness of alternative cancer preventions and treatments while also focusing on the faults in our current cancer community. Register today!

    Global QuestWorld Premiere of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

    Ty Bollinger, with The Truth About Cancer, hosted and created a 9-day series of live interviews from doctors, researchers, and scientists around the world to produce nine different episodes focused on how the cancer community grew to how it is today and raises awareness of alternative cancer preventions and treatments. Learn the behind the scenes of the modern medicine business and become educated on cancer for the benefit of your family. After all if you think about it, an individual does not get cancer…a whole family does.

    Episode 1 is still free to watch until 5:59pm PST / 8:59pm EST TONIGHT before it is removed. Watch HERE

    RegisterA new episode will be released each day until October 21st and will be available to watch free for 24 hours after released. Don’t miss out and click here to register for free →

    The Passion Fueling Bollinger’s Cancer Awareness

    Why is Bollinger so dedicated to travel around the globe searching to find cancer’s true preventions and treatments? The devastating occurrence of losing both his Mom and Dad to cancer, well he says due to “cancer’s false treatments.” In addition, he lost 5 other family members to the “false treatments.”

    Almost 50% of the people alive today will face cancer.  1 in 4 males will die from cancer while 1 in 5 females will die from cancer. These alarming statistics give The Truth About Cancer motivation to educate others on modern medicine truth and alternative cancer treatments.

    The word doctor actually means “teacher” so they should be teaching us how to prevent and take care of our bodies. This first episode shows how brainwashed doctors don’t study nutrition, they just know the latest pharmaceutical drug that the pharma companies are pushing in order to increase their sales.

    Watch the full episode HERE until 5:59pm PST / 8:59pm EST today. Hurry!

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